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REPLAY: Shannon White Masterclass: Creating wealth through investing

REPLAY: Shannon White Masterclass: Creating wealth through investing

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Unlock biblical revelation about trading and access key foundational principles to empower you to unlock new streams of income through trading!

Shannon White is a wife, mother of 2, licensed school counselor, minister, and Kingdom investor. For the past 3 years, she has been on a mission to FREE families in their faith, family, and finances through God’s transforming power! After being a middle school counselor for 8 years and hearing children’s stress and frustration with parents having big faith but small finances,

Shannon answered God’s call to create a safe space for Kingdom adults to learn how to trade. After pouring into over 75 adults, Shannon could not help but think of her students and how it would have been so beneficial to learn such skills as a teen or young adult.  Her life would've been so much different, so she began to shift her focus to also equipping teens & young adults who want to level up for their future or simply break cycles of struggle, low self-esteem, or living paycheck to paycheck in their family.

Her philosophy is if teens can learn to navigate technology on their devices and master social media challenges so quickly, they can also learn financial literacy, accountability, and networking skills that jumpstart their future as God’s children.

As a mother and woman sent to serve families, Shannon is excited to empower families with the same faith, balance, and life skills that have allowed her to create 4 & 5 figures in her trading account in just 1 week and won’t stop until she sees kingdom families able to walk fully into everything God has for them-1 trade at a time!

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